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Wednesday, Dec 07, 2022

'Tesco told me to leave with my guide dog'

'Tesco told me to leave with my guide dog'

Within a week, Sean Dilley was told in two Tesco stores he wasn't allowed to take in his guide dog.

In the space of a week BBC News correspondent Sean Dilley was told he wasn't allowed to take his guide dog Sammy into two London Tesco stores.

Sean was born with a congenital blindness condition and had lost all functional vision by the age of 14.

Guide Dogs’ research shows that 75% of assistance dog owners have experienced an access refusal at some point and 20% of those experiences have been in supermarkets.

Sean said: "For somebody to say that I cannot come into a shop, or that I have to leave because of a guide dog in 2022, it just feels the north side of unacceptable to me."

Tesco provided a statement apologising for what happened.


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