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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Royal Navy to spend £600k on sports bras for all female personnel

Royal Navy to spend £600k on sports bras for all female personnel

THE Royal Navy is allowing all female personnel to claim up to £100 for sports bras.
The Ministry of Defence said the extra support will enable them to exercise more comfortably.

Rear Admiral Jude Terry OBE, the most senior woman in Royal Navy history, tweeted: “Part of my job is making the uniform better for all.

“Happy to announce personnel can now claim for two sports bras — an interim measure until a contract is sorted.”

The maximum value is £50 per bra annually.

The total cost to taxpayers is estimated to be over £600,000 a year.

All Navy personnel are required to maintain fitness and exercise regularly.

One sailor welcomed the move, saying: “As someone who has played representative sport for the Royal Navy over three decades, I am proud of the progress that’s being made.

“People are our greatest asset and deserve to be treated well.”

But Andrew Allison, from campaign group The Freedom Association, said: “I don’t see why women serving in the Royal Navy should be any different to millions of other women.”

The Army started issuing sports bras to women in basic training last year.

Last month, it launched combat clothing specially designed for women.

The RAF is currently investigating sports bra options.

An MoD spokeswoman said: “Defence is committed to improving the lived experience for our brave women serving in our Armed Forces.”

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