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Thursday, Mar 04, 2021

NYC Swingers Club Busted for COVID Violations

NYC Swingers Club Busted for COVID Violations

New York City sheriffs say they shut down an illegal swingers’ club that had packed more than 80 people into its secret location in violation of pandemic orders. Caligula in the borough of Queens was was also serving alcohol without a liquor license in the early hours of Sunday, the sheriff’s office said.
Two organizers of the party and one patron were charged with misdemeanors. The club—which boasts online that it offers a sexy atmosphere that is dedicated to sexual exploration, the art of love making, and sexual fulfillment—declined comment when contacted by the New York Daily News.

Quote of the Day

That post exemplifies the root of the problem - a historical legacy of centuries of propaganda based on the premise of European racial supremacy. It portrays the white colonial master that is the savior to the ever thankful poor black slave. Thank God, I’m an emancipated African - and I don’t worship at the feet of white gods - the Queen or the Governor, who are simply relics of outmoded colonialism built on the tenets of racist institutions of white supremacy that colonized and enslaved Africans for centuries.

As Bob Marley said, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,” because sometimes, “shit is just shit!”

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