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Tuesday, Jun 22, 2021

You could be paid £29k to tour local pubs and say which ones are best

You could be paid £29k to tour local pubs and say which ones are best

DRINKERS are being offered a job to really lift their spirits — a year touring coastal pubs and rating which are the best.

Local drinker Tony Blanchard, 47, a bank worker, joked: “Was it Carlsberg who used to boast their beer was ‘probably the best in the world?’ Maybe this is the best job in the world!”

Factory manager Duncan Attwood, 46, added: “I might have to apply for this one myself.”

Another poster joked: “I bet they don’t have to book a table or queue for hours like the rest of us.”

The advert, posted by Lincolnshire County Council, says: “A good working knowledge of the region’s heritage, and of the architectural and social history of pubs is desirable.

“As is a good understanding of the social and economic role of public houses in rural and urban communities today, and the current challenges they face.”

The “Inns on the Edge” project will involve researching pubs along a 50-mile stretch of coast from Grimsby to Boston.

It is part of a wider plan to transform Lincolnshire into a haven for historic pubs and attract people to the county.

The position, funded by English Heritage, is for a year, with CVs needed to be in by May 3. The scheme could be rolled out to other areas if successful.


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