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Wednesday, Dec 01, 2021

Voter Fraud Is Taking Place, Chair of the Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor

Chaiman Trainor is hidden by big medias like CNN an ABC, while commissioner Weintraud is supported by them.

Carl Beam 377 days ago
Sick flagrant communist attempt to take away our freedom and country.
Democrats root burn shoot and rape their way to be bigots thieves thugs and rapist
This is not the American Way
This is sick tyranny and destroying
Good hard working fellowmans homes sweat and blood lives and freedom!
Wake up is this really what you are ?
God forbid and have mercy on all of us ✝️🚀🙏✝️
Mark Martin 377 days ago
In Pennsylvania, 165k registered Republicans were sent absentee ballots - NONE show they were recorded as having voted.
When checking with a sample, 1706 were contacted.
* 576 said they never requested ballots.
* 1137 said they did request them.
* * 453 said they returned the ballots yet the state shows none of them voted.
George Washington 378 days ago
This guy is a Trump stooge.


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