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Thursday, Oct 22, 2020

Temperature reading glasses tested in China

Temperature reading glasses tested in China

The invention is fitted with an infrared sensor and a camera, which purports to give accurate readings of people's body temperatures. The augmented reality glasses allow the wearer to "see" the elevated body temperature of people who might have COVID-19.
Glasses that claim to be able to measure people's temperature are being tested in China to identify people with the coronavirus.

The invention, which could help tackle COVID-19, was developed by Rokid Inc, a Chinese company which specialises in artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies for gaming and manufacturing.

According to the company's vice president, Xiang Wenjie, demand for the glasses - which were developed in only two weeks - is rising.

A thousand units of the T1 glasses have already been sold to governments, industrial parks and schools.

"Apart from fixed temperature measurement, T1 can provide portable, distant and prompt temperature checking, which would be a great help," Mr Xiang said.

They are equipped with an infrared sensor and camera to allow the wearer to "see" people's temperatures, and will soon be upgraded to take multiple temperature readings simultaneously.

Measuring temperatures from a distance has become a crucial tool in efforts to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus.

Heathrow Airport in London is to try out temperature screening technology to monitor people moving through the airport for signs of coronavirus.

Temperature screening is already being used in some other airports - Hong Kong is even testing out cleaning robots and a full-body disinfectant booth said to sanitise passengers' bodies and clothes in 40 seconds.

Rokid says its upgraded glasses will be used in airports as well as shopping malls to take temperature readings at the same time.

The company says it is now is upgrading the T1 to take temperature readings simultaneously in these public places.

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