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Saturday, Jan 16, 2021

Shopper fined by police for not wearing mask, despite claiming she is exempt

Shopper fined by police for not wearing mask, despite claiming she is exempt

Police issued a supermarket customer a fine for not wearing a mask – despite her claiming she is exempt.

Footage shows the woman being handed a fixed penalty notice for failing to put on a face covering.

The customer, who was thought to have been shopping yesterday at a branch of Farmfoods in Dudley, West Midlands, is seen trying to show what appears to be a medical card during a heated confrontation with two officers.

But the officers suggest the card could have been produced on the internet and is ‘not valid’ and tell her she needs to go to court to present her ‘burden of proof’.

The male officer told the woman: ‘Because you haven’t got a certificate or a doctor’s note, the onus is on yourself.’

When another person filming the incident asked whether the shopper had actually broken the law, the officer said she had ‘broken a guideline’.

The incident is said to have happened at Farmfoods in Dudley, West Midlands

The police officers insisted the woman had to present her ‘burden of proof’ in court

Towards the end of the footage, she says: ‘I’ve done everything I can, really. At least I’ve done something to try.’

The video has now been posted on Facebook, along with the caption: ‘So, this is how they are going to play it now!!

‘Using fear to issue fines to non-mask wearers and then saying it’s down to you to dispute it & show an exemption if you have one!

‘Remember people, you don’t have to show any exemption OR give any of your details. You have not broken a law.’

West Midlands Police tweeted this afternoon: ‘We are aware of a video circulating online from a supermarket in Dudley.

‘It’s currently being reviewed and we will issue an update as soon as we can.’

One person tweeted how ‘police and public should stand together’, adding: ‘Please understand people aren’t angry at the officers, they’re angry at what they are being forced to do.

‘They have families too, they see how awful this is, we need voices from within the force to stand up to this government overreach.’

Others said ‘proper proof’ was essential to ‘stop any misunderstanding’.


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