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Friday, Oct 30, 2020

Behind-the-scenes moment Princess Anne teaches her mother the Queen how to use Zoom during first public video call - in a sneak peek of upcoming ITV documentary to mark her 70th birthday

When the Queen took part in her first public video call from Windsor Castle last month to support the nation's carers, it was Princess Anne who assisted her mother on Zoom.

Most of us have had to help our elderly parents navigate modern technology to keep in touch during lockdown - and the Princess Royal is no exception.

When the 94-year-old Queen took part in her first public video call last month to support the nation's carers, it was Princess Anne who assisted her mother on Zoom.

In a sneak preview of an upcoming ITV documentary to mark the royal's 70th birthday, Anne asks Her Majesty: 'Can you see everybody? You should have six people on your screen.'

When the Queen replies: 'Yes, well I can see four anyway,' the princess is quick to remark: 'Actually, you don't need me. You know what I look like!'

The amusing clip, shared on Twitter by ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship this evening, has left royal fans praising Anne for her humorous antics.

One social media user wrote: 'One is amused. Awesome,' while another added: 'Puts a smile to my face!'

A third said: 'Brilliant. Princess Anne is great and it's been lovely watching the Queen Zoom during lockdown. Can't wait to watch this.'

At the start of the clip, which took place during National Carers' Week, Anne is seen waiting for her mother to enter the call from Windsor Castle.

'It's Tom here,' the Queen's Assistant Private Secretary Tom Laing-Baker says as the pair tune in. 'I'm just going to introduce Her Majesty The Queen.’

Anne is then heard saying: ‘Ah. Good morning at Windsor,’ before the Queen replies: ‘Good morning. I'm very glad to have been able to join you.’

The Queen joined the Princess Royal on the conference call in June with four carers living across the UK who have been responsible for looking after family during the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking from a sitting room at the castle, the monarch spent 20 minutes listening to the women about their experiences and asking questions about the pressures they face.

The new documentary, Princess Royal: Anne at 70, which airs ahead of her milestone birthday in August, also sees Anne reveal her views about one of social media's most popular platforms, Twitter, saying: 'I wouldn't go anywhere near it if you paid me frankly.'

Many royals, including Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry all have social media accounts but Princess Anne's work is shared on the Queen's Royal Family platforms.

Commenting on social media Anne says: 'With online technology... being in touch is one thing but it's not quite the same. The ability to meet people, that's what makes the difference.

'I mean, I know what Twitter is but I wouldn't go anywhere near it if you paid me frankly. But that's a slightly different issue.'

Anne was followed for more than a year by film-makers for the documentary, which will feature unseen family footage and conversations with the princess herself, her children and her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence.


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