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Thursday, Nov 26, 2020

George Galloway in furious rant against 'Marxist' Sturgeon as SNP sells branded masks

George Galloway in furious rant against 'Marxist' Sturgeon as SNP sells branded masks

GEORGE GALLOWAY blasted Nicola Sturgeon over her "authoritarian" approach to leadership, claiming the Scottish First Minister is trying to cash in from the coronavirus pandemic whilst incompetently handling the overall crisis.

The former Scottish politician told his RT viewers he believed Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP's approach to politics is like "Marxism without communism" as he lashed out against the First Minister. Mr Galloway claimed the Scottish Government led by Ms Sturgeon had been complicit in the terrible mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, whilst trying to make a profit from the crisis itself. He said: "I do think she has authoritarian tendencies. The SNP is a very highly centralised party.

"It's like a Marxist-Leninist organisation without the politics, without the communism.

"The structure of it is as such and the 'all power to the leader' mentality that moves them is very similar to some of the old style Marxist-Leninist ruling parties.

"They are for example presiding over a disastrous coronavirus epidemic in which they are complicit just like the British Government incompetence, or worse.

"They covered-up an outbreak at the Nike conference in Edinburgh for example, which would have given an early warning to many people who caught the virus and needn't have.

"They shipped old people into care homes and refused to allow old people who were sick in the care homes to go to hospital. It was a kind of euthanasia.

"At the same time, the same people are selling SNP face masks for the profit of the party.

"You really couldn't make that one up, but that's happened in the last day or two."

The First Minister has been accused of trying to cash in on the coronavirus crisis after the SNP started selling its own branded face masks.

Furious opposition MSPs are calling for the face coverings to be immediately withdrawn from sale and claimed Ms Sturgeon's party was attempting to "make money from a global pandemic".

The range of masks was launched after Ms Sturgeon made wearing face coverings compulsory in all Scottish shops.

People who fail to comply face a £60 fine which goes up to £960 for repeat offenders and Ms Sturgeon said the law was likely to remain in force for the "foreseeable future".

The SNP masks, which cost between £8 and £14 each, come in five designs including the party's logos, a blue and white Scottish Saltire, a "Yes" logo and a grey tartan.

The party's website describes the coverings as "fully branded official SNP facemasks" with a "a breathable polyester and cotton mix".

It says the masks include two carbon filters which are "shown to be effective in blocking the vast major-ity of airborne particles".

Annie Wells, deputy leader of the Scottish Conservatives, said: "The decision by the SNP to try and make money from a global pandemic was inexcusable.

"Nicola Sturgeon must immediately act to ensure this stops and is never repeated.

"Any money made from this tasteless venture should be donated to causes fighting coronavirus and its ruinous impact."

Stephen McCabe, a Scottish Labour Inverclyde councillor, said the masks were "in extremely poor taste".

Glasgow Labour councillor Malcolm Cunning said: "The SNP would put a logo on their granny's coffin if they thought it would gain them a single vote."

An SNP spokesman told The Times: "Just like football clubs and many others, we've launched our own branded face coverings.

"We would encourage everyone to help suppress the virus by following the guidance on face coverings."


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