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Friday, Jan 22, 2021

Does President Trump Deserve to b Reelected

Does President Trump Deserve to b Reelected

Mark Tranfield
First of all I would not be writing this article if I thought the world was not heading into a dark, foreboding abyss of unprecedented consequences. Never in my lifetime have I seen such turmoil, segregation, tearing down walls both domestic and globally cooperation as there is today. Where are we heading and what has happened to all the lessons learned over the past 70 years from the end of World War II?
Even though today the world has never been more globally consolidated and connected in that technology has made it so much smaller, easy to travel and we have to deal with international Governments and companies for almost everything we do, the walls of divide are building.

At onetime USA was seen as the leader, respected by almost every country and has shown direction, leadership, a superpower where many countries would follow and be seen as an essential party for humanity, security, health business and even survival, this is all being quickly eroded and its allies rethinking their allegiance for future existence.

I was brought up in the in the 60’s and 70’s when it was ingrained in our lives and society to be polite, respectful and humble. I learned from these simple etiquette how to communicate, get on with my neighbors, peers and strangers alike and how this helped you make friends, obtain work, promotion and be successful in life. All this was all possible without the need of conflict, hate speech, and being disrespectful. How do you get cooperation from anyone never mind other Governments if you hit, bully and threaten them disrespectfully, all they will do is retaliate when the time is right?

Any leader and country can make its policies that they believe are beneficial for them, this does not have to be to the liking of other Governments. It’s not so much the policies that are made, it is the method on how they are transmitted to the other party and the process of negotiation that is important. I can guarantee the most successful approach to adopt will be being civil and respectful rather than trying to bully and threaten, this type of Governance has no place in our society.

The now President of the United States is not a person that should be running the most powerful country in the world, they have better people that can lead with dignity and respect. Since this President has been in power what has the world seen?

I see a President with no compassion, charm, credibility, no honor or wisdom, a man that is more concerned with how he is perceived rather than his management of his country. A man whom does not seem to know the facts what is going on under his management, time and time again he makes incorrect facts and statements, so he does not obviously get briefed on what is happening around him or does not want to listen? A man that plays to the crowd, and when his ratings fall makes reversals of his previous statements or decisions, he is not proactive but reactive. A man who is a sexist and who openly discriminates. This is not a man who can be trusted. A man that has dismissed more of his leading management team than any other president in history, it is hard to believe that they are all wrong and he is right.

There is no discussion of what is best to do for the country, he does not listen to experts he goes his own way with nothing backing his decision and the consequences are damming. A man that has no management or people skills whom cannot communicate effectively or even read prewritten speeches properly. A man who blames anyone but himself for his mismanagement of the countries problems. A man that has no humor, decency or tact. I see tweets that have no credibility, full of insults, bad taste, insensitivity and bizarre statements.

A man who is not articulate or knowledgeably informed enough when questioned on items that he doesn’t want to hear he responds with “Fake News, you’re a bad reporter”.

All the above list are items we teach our young not to do, and in our working environment we are told we cannot do, yet a President exists with idolizes all these ideologies, where is the ethics, what happened to what we were all taught and a society of decency and respect?

Surely the American people can put someone forward better that this, he sets a very poor example to its people, the world and our younger generation. Is this an example for all to follow going forward and to be the norm, I think not?

If “ANY” company is the world had a CEO of this nature he would have been dismissed well before now.

Personally I would like to see someone with greater stability, planning ability, articulate, someone to bring people and countries together not divide them, someone honest that can lead by example and be respected by his peers, citizens and the world., I do not care be this a Democrat or Republican as long as they are capable to lead which this President is clearly not able to.

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