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Saturday, Jan 16, 2021

Coronavirus is now present in one third of care homes in England

At least 5,546 care homes in England have reported suspected coronavirus outbreaks, according to official figures.
Data from Public Health England (PHE) showed more than a third of the 15,514 homes had reported Covid-19 meaning every district in the country had dealt with the virus.

In total 12,526 people have died from coronavirus from care homes in England and Wales, according to data from the Office for National Statistics.

These victims make up more than a third of the 33,998 deaths from Covid-19 in the UK.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced several measures the government was taking to help care homes deal with coronavirus.

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‘We’ve also strengthened NHS support available to colleagues in social care,’ he said during the daily press conference.

‘There will be a named clinical need for every care home in England.’

Hancock added: ‘These are already connected and will check in regularly to support care home residents and give advice.

‘This will be the most intensive support and scrutiny that care homes have ever received.

‘NHS will also support care home in introducing enough technology. We will also be making sure local authorities play their part.

‘There will be daily reviews… which ensure every care home gets the support they need every single day.

‘Local and national gov can support where necessary, challenge and act where needed.’

The care home residents, who died in March and April, had their deaths attributed to the virus whether it was an underlying cause or not.

In total 9,039 from Covid-19 occurred in care homes, with a further 3,444 victims dying in hospital.

There were 45,899 deaths in care homes overall in March and April.

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