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Monday, Mar 08, 2021

Woman pretends to be doc to trick man who sent d**k pics into thinking he's ill

Woman pretends to be doc to trick man who sent d**k pics into thinking he's ill

A woman pretended to be a doctor to shame a ‘pervert’ who sent her unsolicited images of his manhood.

She even dished out a ‘prescription’ for the problems with his ‘dreadful little willy’.

Becky Holmes decided to take a ‘medical’ view of the stranger’s images and began to point out yellowing ‘jaundice’ in his pubic hair, concerns over his weight and a rogue mole.

The 42-year-old, who claims to have received 50 explicit photos from men on Twitter since she joined at the end of August, was contacted out of the blue by the nude man on Thursday evening.

He sent her a picture of what Becky branded a ‘tiny shrivelled insignificant penis’ swiftly followed by crude ‘compliments’ about her lips and what he’d like to do to her.

After trying to shut the conversation down, the man continued to harass Becky by sending an extreme close up of his parts.

She decided to publicly shame him by feigning concern about his physical health before sharing the exchange on social media.

Becky Holmes pretended to be a doctor to shame a man who sent her unsolicited images

Becky, from Stratford-upon-Avon, wrote: ‘I am a doctor and I am concerned about two areas. I have labelled them 1 and 2.

‘Area 1 is a fairly significant overhang of the belly which denotes obesity which should be addressed through diet and exercise.

‘Point 2 is a more concerning area as your mons pubis has some discolouration.

‘A yellowing in this area can be a sign of jaundice of the penis.

Becky said she was concerned about the man’s ‘yellowing penis’ and rogue mole

‘I cannot give a full diagnosis through a photograph but I believe you should seek medical attention.’

The man admitted he had gained a bit of weight but said that he ‘could not see any yellowing’.

He asked Becky whether she liked the look of what she saw ‘pubes and yellow aside’, to which she replied that she was concerned about his mole.

Undeterred, the man said he had already had his mole checked out and pressed Becky on what she thought of the size of his appendage and how it compared to the average male.

She replied: ‘I don’t think you should concern yourself with that. Anyway, this has reminded me that I need to defrost some cocktail sausages.’

The three-day exchange ended when Becky drew a ‘prescription’ complete with an NHS logo demanding he stop sending explicit pictures and messages to women.

Becky sent the man a made up prescription telling him to leave women alone

Her final message read: ‘Women do not want these images. Ever.

‘Some will ignore them, some will laugh at them, some will be upset by them.. And then there are women like me.

‘I am the worst kind for people like you, because I am the sort that will share your images across Twitter and have thousands of people laughing at you, which is exactly what I have done.

‘I don’t know whether you possess the intelligence required to feel any level of shame, but I hope you do, and I hope it stops you from ever sending a photograph of your tiny, shrivelled, insignificant penis any other woman, ever again. Oh, and Merry Christmas.’

Becky, who runs the satirical Twitter account @deathtospinach, went onto report the man’s account to Twitter.

The social media giant’s rules and policies state that the site prohibits unwanted sexual advances.

Explaining why she did not instantly block and delete him Becky said she wanted to raise awareness about the problem.

Becky poked fun at the man by pretending to be a doctor

She said: ‘Some people will be frightened if they’re vulnerable, it’s an invasion of privacy.

‘I could just block and report to twitter and that would be the end of it.

‘Originally that’s what I was doing but because of how my account has grown it’s actually become a way to highlight what happens, get people talking about it, which it really has done, and also make light of something when there’s not much to make light of at the moment.

‘I just feel if you approach it in the right kind of way then humour is sometimes a good way to get people talking.

‘So many of the people joining in on the fun are men, saying ‘God I’m so sorry for the rest of my gender, I can only apologise.’

She added: ‘I think men know that it’s unacceptable, they just need to be aware that not every woman is going to be a shrinking violet about it.

‘If it’s a case of them knowing it’s wrong but they’re going to do it anyway, they need to have a second think about it.’


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