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Saturday, Dec 03, 2022

US Tourists Left Stunned After Being Charged Nearly Rs 50,000 For Snack And Drinks In Greece

US Tourists Left Stunned After Being Charged Nearly Rs 50,000 For Snack And Drinks In Greece

The restaurant, DK Oyster, profusely denied claims and stated that "absolutely no violations had taken place".
American mother and daughter duo were left stunned after they were charged almost 600 euros (nearly ₹ 50,000) for two crab legs and two cocktails on holiday in Mykonos, Greece.

Citing Greece publication Thema, Ladbible reported that Brenda and Keila Moulton had looked forward to spending an idyllic day on the famous Platys Gialos beach in Mykonos. However, their delight soon turned to disdain when their light snack and two mojitos at DK Oyster cost them 598.92 euros ( ₹ 49,560).

The pair told the media outlet that they were invited to sit on the restaurant's sunbeds by a worker for the oceanfront restaurant. They had initially declined the offer, but Ms Brenda said that the restaurant employee became more and more persistent. She said that the staff member told them: “Sit here, have a drink and you will have these sunbeds at your disposal for free. It is noon, there is no problem”.

The duo eventually settled into the deck chairs, following which they were handed a menu. The mother and daughter weren't hungry at the time so they ignored the menu despite the staff's constant requests to order.

As per Ladbible, Ms Brenda told the media outlet, “We were constantly asked if we wanted to order something to eat. Keila and I were not hungry, but we decided to try something from the list, hoping that they would leave us alone.”

The pair sat on the loungers for about two hours. They asked for the bill from one of the workers when they were told they needed to go inside and pay the man at a table who told them to “sit down”. But when Ms Brenda checked the bill, she said that she almost fainted as it came to almost 600 euros. She insisted that it must be “some mistake”.

She reportedly said, “At first it was not detailed, because the paper did not show exactly what we had ordered. The guy asked me to pay almost 600 euros and I told him he could not, some mistake would be made.”

However, she added that when she started arguing with the restaurant employee, the staff members threatened to call the police on her. Ms Brenda said that the man told her that the cops would keep her and her daughter here in Greece and she will not be able to return to her homeland.

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Ms Brenda told the Greece publication that she felt threatened because of which she paid the eye-watering cheque. The pair also reported the incident to the police and instructed lawyers.

The restaurant, DK Oyster, on the other hand, profusely denied claims and stated that “absolutely no violations had taken place”. The eatery said that their staff “do not threaten” customers. It further added that everything they sell was listed in a menu and all products have legal documents. The restaurant also went on to say that the customer was charged this price because the “royal crab legs” are not priced items and the costing is done according to their purchase invoice.

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