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Wednesday, Dec 02, 2020

UN announces 2024 as International Year of Camelids

UN announces 2024 as International Year of Camelids

The UN has designated 2024 as International Year of Camelids to highlight their important role in communities.
The UN allocated the year within its policy of identifying and allocating years to specific themes to focus the world’s attention to them. The initiative was welcomed by Fahad F. Bin Hithleen, founder and president of the International Camel Organization (ICO), a non-profit organization.

The ICO's board of directors and members are keen to ensure that programs and events are in line with the goals set by the UN for the International Year of Camelids, Bin Hithleen said.

Important goals include the protection of ecosystems, combating desertification, stopping land degradation and biodiversity loss, ensuring the provision of food security, improved nutrition and sustainable agriculture, in cooperation with international organizations and associations, including the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO).

The initiative by the UN General Assembly was made after a recommendation by the FAO.

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