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Thursday, Aug 18, 2022

Two people charged alongside TikTok star after men killed in ‘murder’ crash

Two people charged alongside TikTok star after men killed in ‘murder’ crash

TWO men have been charged with murder after a fatal car crash.

Sanaf Gulammustafa, 22, and Ameer Jamal, 27, join six others including TikTok influencer Mahek Bukhari charged over the incident.

Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin was driving when they crashed

Saqib Hussain and Hashim both died

Two men have been charged alongside TikTok influencer Mahek Bukhari, pictured

The crash on the A46 last month killed Saqib Hussain, 21, and Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin, 21.

Gulammustafa and Jamal have both been remanded into custody and will appear at Leicester Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Natasha Akhtar, 21, Ansreen Bukhari, 45, Mahek Bukhari, 22, Raees Jamal, 21, Rekan Karwan, 28, and Mohammed Patel, 20, of Braybrooke Road, Leicester, have all also been charged and remanded in custody.

The two victims were pictured last month after TikTok's Bukhari and her mum appeared in court.

Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin, 21, was driving cousin Saqib Hussain, 21, to Leicestershire because he felt down, Hashim's dad said.

Hashim’s dad Sikander Hayat, 49, told MailOnline: “Hashim was my favourite son, he was a beautiful soul and I feel blessed by Allah to have had 21 years with him.

“Hashim loved [Saqib] a lot and cared for all people in general. He would do anything to help somebody out.

“This is the kind of person he was. He was just doing a good deed because he never wanted to say no to anybody in trouble."

The devastated dad said Hashim was "incredibly popular" and "lit up the room" when he walked in.

Sikander called his son a "superstar", adding: "There are no words for our sorrow but at the same time, I want to celebrate his life and remember him for the great person he was."


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