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Monday, Jan 18, 2021

Three members of same family die from coronavirus days apart

Three members of same family die from coronavirus days apart

A family is mourning the loss of three loved ones who all died from Covid-19 within five days of each other.

Gladys Lewis, 74, from Pentre, south Wales, died early on Thursday, October 29, at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital.

Her son, Dean, a 44-year-old father-of-three, died at home in the neighbouring village of Treorchy the next day.

The family had to deal with their tragic deaths all while Dean’s brother Darren, who had Down’s syndrome, was in a critical condition in intensive care.

Gladys Lewis, 74, passed away last week, days before her two sons

But Darren, 42, sadly passed away on Monday evening. All three deaths were confirmed to be Covid-19 related.

Dean’s widow, Claire Lewis, 44, said her husband had a ‘heart of gold’ like his mum Gladys, and would do anything for the family.

She continued: ‘Because his mum and dad were self-isolating to protect Darren he was doing all their shopping, everything.

‘They hadn’t hardly left the house so for this to happen is such a tragedy. They were depending on Dean for everything. His father was so, so proud of him.’

She said Dean’s dad, David, 81, is ‘just devastated’, adding: ‘He has lost his two boys and his wife all in a matter of five days.’

Family friends, Alison Higgins and Jemma Hopkins, set up a fundraising page to help David, 81, and his daughter Debbie, 41.

Alison said: ‘As one of Debbie’s friends, there was no question that they needed help, financially and emotionally from our community.

‘This is the stuff of nightmares, it’s incomprehensible what’s happened. Knowing how much fundraising the family have done over the years, it was only right we came together for them.

‘The community are aware of their charitable ways and that shows in how much help we’re receiving at the moment.’

Dr Miller, from Forest View Medical Centre, who has been helping the family, said: ‘This has had a devastating effect on the family and I wish people would take this pandemic seriously.’


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