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Thursday, Sep 29, 2022

There Is A Need For Leadership In ‘Every Sphere’

There Is A Need For Leadership In ‘Every Sphere’

Businessman and former Government Consultant Mr. Claude Skelton Cline said there is a need for leadership in ‘every sphere’ in the British Virgin Islands.
The clergyman made the call during his bi-weekly radio show, Honestly Speaking, on Tuesday, October 26.

"Even the ones who may not like Claude Skelton Cline, I am in agreement with you about hope for our country because the fight between you and I is too small in comparison to the country that’s at stake," he said.

Skelton Cline added, "our individual fights don’t matter. I am saying that there need to be some people who are looking beyond the Commission of Inquiry (CoI), who are looking beyond the current struggles and challenges and trouble and hardships.”

He said he was appealing to the ‘better angels within’ the people of the territory to look towards a better future for the people of these islands.

“Let it not be just some mental exercise that you would live it out, that you would walk it out, that you would get up in the morning determined that our country shall win. There is a need for leadership in every sphere of these Virgin Islands right now, and I have shared with you before, and it’s worth repeating, true leadership sees before everybody else sees. True leadership sees more than everyone else see; true leadership sees further than everybody else sees," he stated.

He then called on the brave men and women like Moses in the Bible to render their services to the territory.

“We are calling you forth, the country needs your service, and yes the atmosphere is toxic, yes … and nobody in their rational mind wants to step into this arena and give up their service, but it is especially for a time like this that you have to push against your own vacillation, and push against your own hesitation and offer yourself to country.”

He added: “Offer yourself up for your children and your grandchildren and your great grandchildren…some of you who think you are on retirement, that you have already paid your dues; no you haven’t we thank God for you, but you are still here. There are contributions to be made; it is not all in elected office.”

The former campaigner for the ruling Virgin Islands Party, said “You cannot wait for governments, groundswell of change and transformation don’t come from governments, it comes from grassroots, it comes from people who are prepared to turn the tables upside down. It comes from corrupters, it comes from agitators, it comes from poets.”

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