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Saturday, Oct 24, 2020

Flight attendant shares horror stories about plane travel

Revealing why you should NEVER order hot drinks, avoid asking staff to help with luggage, and always bring your own pillow

Jamila Hardwick shared some insider tips for airline passengers. She revealed the gross reason why people should never order tea or coffee.

The flight attendant, who did not disclose the name of the airline she works for, also advised passengers to bring their own cleaning wipes on board . Jamila answered the query as to whether pillows and blankets are washed . The airline staffer added that flight attendants don't get paid until the doors close on the plan, so don't ask them to help store baggage

Celebrities might be known for their outlandish in-flight wellness routines, but no-one knows more about staying germ-free on a plane than a flight attendant.

Jamila Hardwick, a flight attendant and vlogger, recently revealed her tried-and-tested tips for flying to Inside Edition, as she demonstrated an average day in her job at the Los Angeles-based film set company Air Hollywood.

Shockingly, she advised passengers to never order tea or coffee as the pipes in the cabin are 'rarely' cleaned.

While it is unknown what airline Jamila works for, the video went viral again earlier this week when it was shared on Instagram.

Inside Edition revealed that airlines are only required to disinfect the water tanks four times a year.

'The thing about the coffee and tea, the pipes are rarely cleaned,' Jamila told the outlet, as she added that you'll likely never see an off-duty flight attendant order a warm beverage when they fly themselves.

Another thing you'll probably never witness them doing? Using the provided blankets and pillows during long-haul flights.

'These get washed, but we're not sure how great they get washed,' Jamila said pointing to the standard issue blankets.

As for the pillows? 'They take the off the lining and wash it, but the pillow inside is still dirty,' Jamila said, virtually squirming at the thought of the germs.

When it comes to germs, another thing to consider is the tray at your seat and how unclean it is by the time you board a flight.

'This is disgusting,' Jamila said. 'When cleaners come on they don't have time to wipe down every individual tray so it's best to bring wet wipes.

'Please bring them on, please clean off your trays before you put anything on here,' she said.

If you've ever wondered why flight attendants take so long to pour your soda order, it might be because you requested a Diet Coke.

Jamila showed that the carbonated drinks takes so much longer to pour because it fizzed up while in the cabin.

'I don't know what it is about the chemistry in Diet Coke and us being 40,000 feet in the air. By the time we pour it, we could have three other drinks poured,' she claimed.

Jamila advised passengers to refrain from asking flight attendants to help store their baggage - as their shift technically does not start until the door of the plane closes before takeoff.

Not only are they not paid to assist passengers with bags, but if something falls and they are injured, there's nothing a flight attendant can do about it as they were not technically supposed to be working.

And as for her golden tip? Just be nice.

'We're more likely to help you find a better seat if you're nice to us,' she said. 'And maybe an extra drink. Or two!'

In a statement to Inside Edition, A4A (Airlines for America), confirmed that the water they use 'is the same water source used throughout the airport, including for water fountains and restaurants, and delivered to homes, businesses and local communities each and every day.'

The statement continued, 'Airlines work closely with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure that water received from municipalities is safe and to maintain that safety by following rigorous sampling and management requirements, which include disinfection and flushing of the aircraft water tanks on a schedule required by regulation.'

When the video was shared on YouTube, commentors were pretty grossed out about the water pipe revelation.

'Good thing I only had tea once on a plane..& I’ll definitely bring wipes next time I fly,' said one user.

'My mother taught me to never order tea or coffee in places like these they grow bacteria like crazy,' said another.


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