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Monday, Oct 03, 2022

The best days of Bitcoin are 'definitely' ahead, market expert says

The best days of Bitcoin are 'definitely' ahead, market expert says

Bitcoin likely to make new all-time highs, Michael Lee predicts

Michael Lee Strategy founder Michael Lee joined FOX Business' "Mornings with Maria" to discuss the future of Bitcoin on Monday. He argued that the "best days" of Bitcoin are ahead as it gains momentum.

MICHAEL LEE: I think it's hard to explain some of these moves, but it's a very much a momentum asset class. So as soon as you get a little bit of momentum to the upside, the follow on trades just keep coming and coming and coming. And then all of a sudden you go from 29,000 to almost 40,000 in the span of a little over a week.

So, look, someone who's who owns Bitcoin, you know, I'm happy to see it based on this dubious action for the Fed. I mean, look, I think it's a long time before we see any sort of taper or any sort of restrictive policy from the Fed. And it's it's not only like that with the Fed, it's like that with central banks worldwide.

So I that's why I think Bitcoin is likely to make all time new highs, maybe, maybe not in the next few months. But the best days of Bitcoin are definitely ahead of it, not behind it.


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