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Monday, Oct 19, 2020

The 16 questions Prince Andrew must answer if he's ever going to clear the air

AFTER Virginia Giuffre’s heart-rending interview on Monday, we examine her Panorama revelations alongside the Duke of York’s version of events in his “car-crash” interview with Emily Maitlis forNewsnight.

Mike Ridley asks questions raised by the shows that the prince needs to answer if he is to clear the air of suspicion.

THE duke says he “did not see, witness or suspect” any behaviour of the sort that led to his friend Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and conviction for paedophilia.

But the Panorama interview revealed five more women have come forward claiming Andrew witnessed Epstein’s behaviour.

Q: Did you at any time see Jeffrey Epstein getting a naked massage or having sexual contact with any young women?

ANDREW is said to have visited Epstein’s Caribbean island three times. It is said girls were involved in orgies and Ms Giuffre alleges the duke was in one with her, Epstein and eight other women.

On Panorama, Briton Susan Ransome said Epstein had “full erotic sex” in front of everyone on his private jet.

She told how she found boxes of condoms on the island, which was “very much set up for orgies”.

Q: What happened on Epstein’s private plane and his island?

Q: You said you visited the island. What did you do there? Did you enjoy naked massages?

Q: Did you have sex with any of the girls there?

IN January 2015, hours before Ms Giuffre went public with allegations she was forced to sleep with the prince, Andrew sent an early-morning email to Ghislaine Maxwell, who Ms Giuffre says recruited her to provide sex for Epstein.

That day Ms Giuffre appeared on a US website and told how, in 2001 and 2002, aged 17, she slept with the prince in London, New York and the US Virgin Islands.

In his email to Maxwell, Andrew said: “Let me know when we can talk. Got some specific questions about Virginia Roberts.”

Ghislaine, daughter of disgraced tycoon Robert Maxwell, replied: “Have some info. Call me when you have a moment.”

Q: Why did you send the 5.50am email to Epstein’s “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell?

Q: Why would you know about a woman you told Emily Maitlis you had no recollection of meeting?

Q: What were the questions that needed answering so urgently?

Q: Did you call Maxwell back? What did she tell you?

MS Giuffre says in 2001 she travelled from Tramp nightclub in London, where she first met and danced with the Prince, to Maxwell’s home in Belgravia in a car.

She says that in the car: “Ghislaine tells me I have to do for Andrew what I do for Jeffrey, and that just made me sick.”

She said Andrew travelled separately, which means he would have been with his chauffeur and royal protection officer.

Q: Where is your chauffeur’s diary and bodyguard’s log?

Q: Can a royal accountant produce a receipt for Pizza Express in Woking, where you said you spent that day with Princess Beatrice?

ANDREW suggested experts hired by his legal team concluded the 2001 photo of him with his arm round Ms Giuffre upstairs at Maxwell’s home was faked.

Ms Giuffre said the picture was genuine and she gave the original to the FBI in 2011. She said a date on it shows it was printed two days after she says they met.

Q: What were the findings of your experts that leads them and you to still suspect the photo is fake.

PANORAMA’S researchers found photos of Andrew at Ascot with Maxwell and Epstein in 2000.

Q: Why did you take Maxwell and Epstein to Ascot?

Q: What did you get in return for taking them to the races?

MS Giuffre claims Andrew’s sweat was “horrible”. She said: “I was grossed-out from it.”

The prince said he didn’t sweat then, due to a “peculiar medical condition”.

Q: Can you provide medical records proving in 2001 you did not sweat?

THE FBI wants to quiz Maxwell, who, says Susan Ransome, was “like the madam” who knew what Epstein liked.

Andrew said he was in touch with her this summer.

Q: Are you still in touch with Ghislaine Maxwell?

Q: If you are, where is she?


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