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Sunday, Jun 13, 2021

Teen mum 'tried to sell gig tickets on day baby starved to death'

Teen mum 'tried to sell gig tickets on day baby starved to death'

A teenage mum who left her 20-month-old daughter to starve to death allegedly tried to sell concert tickets on Twitter on the day the toddler was found.

Verphy Kudi, 19, left baby Asiah alone in her Brighton flat on December 5, 2019, the day she turned 18. She ended up partying for six days and did not return to the property until December 11, when she found the toddler unresponsive.

Asiah was rushed to Royal Alexandra Hospital, but was confirmed dead on arrival. A post-mortem examination and forensic tests found the baby had starved, was dehydrated and had developed influenza, and her cause of death was given as neglect.

It has now emerged that Kudi had been trying to sell concert tickets on Twitter for an upcoming Lil Durk gig on the day her daughter died.

A screenshot of the tweet, obtained by the Daily Mail, reads: ‘Three standing lil durk tickets for the 3rd Feb. DM me.’

It is unclear whether the tweet, sent at 9.32am on December 11, was shared before or after Kudi returned to the flat. The Twitter account has since been deleted.

The toddler was found starved, dehydrated and had developed influenza

The tweet was allegedly sent the same day Asiah was rushed to hospital

Kudi is reported to have lived in a residential complex for vulnerable young families, run by charity YMCA DownsLink on behalf of Brighton City Council.

Her sister Aisha Batrane told the Mail that Asiah’s death had ‘completely broken’ and ‘totally shattered’ her family.

She continued: ‘We are heartbroken and angry at how Verphy behaved. Verphy had been estranged from the family for quite a long time and we had minimal contact with her.

‘We have spoken to her and we’re still not clear what she was doing for those six days, who she was with and why she left like that? Who the hell knows? We can’t understand it.’

Kudi, an aspiring model, has admitted manslaughter

Her family have said they are ‘completely broken’ over Asiah’s death

Kudi, an aspiring model, has admitted manslaughter. She appeared in the dock at Lewes Crown Court wearing a face mask on Friday.

Judge Christine Laing QC told her: ‘You have heard that before I get to sentence you the defence want to get a report on your behalf and a doctor will no doubt make arrangements to see you and interview you over the next few weeks.’

She ordered that all social services records relating to the case be disclosed to the defence ahead of sentencing. A provisional sentencing date of May 28 has been given, but Kudi was warned this could be delayed.

Speaking after the hearing, Kudi’s father, Muba, 59, said: ‘My heart is so broken. My daughter was missing. She had been missing since the age of 14.’


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