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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Spider-Man grossed over HK$100 million in Hong Kong

The latest Spider-Man film grossed over HK$100 million at the Hong Kong box office as of Monday, less than two weeks after its release.
Marvel superhero film "Spider-Man: No Way Home" opened in Hong Kong on December 15. It has become the first film in Hong Kong to gross over HK$100 million amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

It surpassed the HK$84.78 million box office of the previous Spider-Man: Far From Home in 2019, and is the first film in the Spider-Man series to gross more than HK$100 million in Hong Kong.

It is so far the 8th highest-grossing movie in the city, coming after "Iron Man 3". The top grossing movie is "Avengers: Endgame" in 2019, with a box office of HK$221 million.

"Spider-Man: No Way Home," British star Tom Holland's third solo outing in the wildly popular role, has grossed US$467.3 million in North America and US$587 million internationally, raking in more than US$1 billion over 12 days and proving analysts' predictions that it could reach the milestone sum.

Screening over the Christmas weekend, it became the first billion-dollar-grossing film of the pandemic era.

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