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Friday, Sep 30, 2022

Russian oligarch puts million-dollar bounty on Vladimir Putin's head

In times of war, you need to strike where it hurts. So as Vladimir Putin continues to bombard Ukraine, the west has decided his Achilles heel is his hip pocket. Crippling economic sanctions have been imposed not just on Russia, but critically also the inner circle of multi-billionaire oligarchs who supposedly protect Putin's power. Their superyachts and mansions around the world have been seized, and their bank accounts frozen. It's a tactic that appears to be working, with the President's pals now doing the unthinkable and turning on him.

Oh ya 200 days ago
So why does the US get to attack a sovereign country that has not harmed any Americans. The US has destroyed the currency and seizing property of a country they are not at war with? I hope that when this is finished the US is held responsible for war crimes. And also Russia needs to keep any land they have control over after this war and claim it theirs, if it good enough for the small hat men after the 7 day war it should also apply to Russia. You cant have it both ways


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