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Monday, Oct 19, 2020

Canada Stupid Immigration Policy: Prince Harry's lack of education could prevent him moving to Canada

On a modern time where the top 800 out of the 1000 rich peoplei n the world are drop outs with no high education and some no formal education at all, when the top tech giants start rejecting jobs applicants that "wasted their time in university instead of dealing with the real life" - Prince Harry may have to go back to school if he wants to settle down in Canada with his family.
The Duke of Sussex has just touched down in Vancouver to begin a new chapter outside of the royal household, but speculation is already mounting about how, exactly, he plans to do that.

Meghan and Harry have not said how long they plan to stay in Canada with their son Archie, but if they decide to stay there for good, they will have to apply for permanent residency.

Despite being one of the most famous men in the world, this will be easier said than done for the Prince.

Canadian lawyer Mario Bellissimo says the Duke’s age, 35, past work experience, and the fact he did not go to university, will all ‘weigh heavily against him’ if he goes through the immigration application process.

The Toronto-based lawyer said it is ‘quite unusual’ for an individual applying for immigration to not have any form of higher education.

He said: ‘It’s definitely weighted heavily against him because you’re credited all the way up the scale from PhD downwards.

‘Many of the applicants that are qualifying have higher education. Some have PhDs, others have Masters.

‘But they clearly have university degrees of some type or other types of professional post-secondary degrees.’

Unlike his eldest brother, William, who studied at St Andrews University before joining the RAF, Harry went straight into the military after school.

He served in the Army for ten years and rose to the rank of Captain, but unfortunately for Harry, his military heroics will not ‘benefit’ any application, Mr Bellissimo said.

Mr Bellissimo added that Harry’s previous philanthropic work is also not credited by the Canadian immigration system, which favours successful self-employed candidates, or those with a ‘proven track record of business management’.

He said: ‘As it stands right now, he will have a tough time. I don’t know if he will be going back to school.’

The immigration expert explained how the Duke may have to rely on his wife Meghan being the ‘principal applicant’ in any immigration process.

Meghan spent several years earning money in Toronto, while filming the TV show Suits – which makes her the more ‘desirable’ applicant over Harry.

Mr Bellissimo said: ‘It might surprise people but Meghan is the more desirable applicant from the Canadian immigration perspective because of her work experience.

‘She will likely have a good pathway because she has international recognition in an area of paid employment with acting.

‘International recognition is not enough. It has to be in an area where you earn income, either through the direct self-employment, or work experience in that same area.’

Mr Bellissimo added that Harry’s positive global recognition ‘definitely assists’ him but his connection to the British royal family has no ‘constitutional citizenship benefits’.

This has been confirmed by the Canadian government, which stated: ‘There are no provisions in the Citizenship Act that confer Canadian citizenship status to members of the Royal Family.

‘In order to become legal permanent residents of Canada, they would need to apply through our normal immigration processes.’

If Harry and Meghan go for a more temporary life in Canada, they can live there for six months at a time with visitor visas and no formal paperwork.

However, the issue with the visitor visa is that it does not allow Meghan and Harry to work in Canada.

As part of the royal split, the couple will no longer receive public funds, and have to repay the £2.4 million taxpayers spent renovating Frogmore Cottage – their family home in Windsor – so they will likely choose a more lucrative route.

Meghan could apply for a self-employed work permit because of her previous work experience, but she may opt for permanent residency under express entry.

The Suits star can do this by qualifying for Canada’s ‘federal skilled worker’ category, which allows individuals in the arts and sports the opportunity to emigrate to Canada.

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