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Thursday, Oct 22, 2020

No Big Ben bong to celebrate Brexit day after House speaker rejects Tory MPs’ proposal

No Big Ben bong to celebrate Brexit day after House speaker rejects Tory MPs’ proposal

A Tory campaign to get London’s famous Big Ben to bong specially to celebrate Brexit day has been knocked back by the new House of Commons speaker in a move that is sure to infuriate hardline Brexiteers.
With Brexit day (January 31) fast approaching, what could be more fitting than the sound of Britain’s most iconic bell tower reverberating on the strike of 11 o’clock in celebration – or so the Tory Brexiteers were hoping.

It appears the Conservative campaign – which had the support of former Brexit Secretary David Davis – to see this become a reality has been stopped in its tracks by House Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, who has not selected their amendment for debate.

The amendment to the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) tabled on Tuesday requested that the famous bell be reattached at 11pm on Brexit day. The 315ft, Grade I listed Elizabeth Tower, along with the rest of Parliament’s estate, is undergoing refurbishment work.

While it’s a blow for Tory campaigners, it ostensibly won’t put a stop to Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage’s celebration plans. The man widely regarded as the single-most influential figure in the campaign to see the UK leave the European Union claims he’s planning a £100,000 bash of his own in Trafalgar Square, complete with fireworks, speakers and bands.

British lawmakers embark on three days of debating the Brexit WAB after coming back from Christmas recess on Tuesday, following PM Boris Johnson’s landslide victory in the 2019 snap general election. Johnson’s huge parliamentary majority means that his Brexit deal with Brussels is likely to easily get the approval of a majority of MPs.

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