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Friday, Dec 09, 2022

Met investigating video appearing to show man struck on head by officers

Met investigating video appearing to show man struck on head by officers

Footage seemingly shows protester being hit five times by police as they attempt to arrest him in east London
The Metropolitan police are investigating social media footage which appears to show a man being repeatedly struck on the head by officers while on the ground in an incident in east London on Saturday evening.

During a pre-planned operation to tackle moped and e-scooter crime in Dalston, an area which is often crowded with food delivery riders, police attempted to arrest a man for immigration offences and a crowd gathered to prevent it.

The footage, posted to Twitter, shows a protester clashing with officers outside Kingsland shopping centre, and during a struggle he is seemingly struck in the head five times.

Police said a number of officers were assaulted during the incident and that “any footage showing use of force” was being “reviewed” by the directorate of professional standards.

On Twitter, the incident was described as “a bit of a standoff”, with the crowd in Dalston chanting “fuck the police”.

A Met spokesperson said: “We are aware of a number of videos on social media filmed during the incident. We would urge people to remember that such videos rarely provide a full and accurate picture of what is taking place.

“Police officers are aware that any use of force must be proportionate and reasonable, and they understand that their actions will be scrutinised as they go about their work and that they will be held to account where appropriate.”

Nine people were arrested for offences including violent disorder. They remain in police custody.

It comes after a similar standoff in Edinburgh on 5 May during which dozens of protesters gathered to stop Home Office vans leaving an area of the city after a raid. A Home Office spokesperson told the Daily Record that two people had been found to be in breach of immigration rules and have been placed on bail.

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