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Thursday, Jan 21, 2021

Jacob Blake's Father Cries Describing His Son's Pain; Lawyer says the handcuffs restraining Jacob Blake have been removed

The handcuffs attached to the hospital bed of Jacob Blake — who is paralyzed from the waist down following a police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin — were removed Friday afternoon, Blake's attorney, Patrick Cafferty, told CNN.
Before the handcuffs were taken off, Blake's father, Jacob Blake Sr., told CNN his son has not been "afforded the rights of a human" after being shot in the back by a police officer at least seven times while reaching into his car on Aug. 23.

* Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) said at a press conference on Thursday that he "would have no personal understanding why" the handcuffs were necessary.

* "I would hope that we would be able to find a more, a better way to help him ... in recovering. That seems counterintuitive. It seems to be bad medicine," Evers added.

Blake was reportedly handcuffed to his hospital bed because he "has felony warrants for his arrest from crimes he committed prior to the shooting incident," Kenosha County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Sgt. David Wright said, per CNN.

* The warrants are now annulled, according to Cafferty.

"He's a person. He's a human being. He's not an animal," the elder Blake said.

* "But my son has not been afforded the rights of a human. He's not been treated like a human. He's a father. He's not a deadbeat dad, he's a father that's with his children every day."

* "Sometimes you get a little angry, sometimes more than a little angry, because we've been going through this for so long. And it's only the brown faces ... that get treated in this way."

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