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Thursday, Sep 29, 2022

Its time to admit it: Barak Obama and Joe Biden was absolutely wrong about Russia (video)

A decade ago, 2012, Mitt Romney went on CNN and made a statement that was widely perceived as a major mistake. Biden said than that Russia is an ally. Biden was obviously wrong then, as well as now.

Oh ya 216 days ago
A promise in writing was made to Russia that NATO would not expand to their borders. That promise was broken and one can understand that Russia wants a buffer from have NATO missiles on their border. This is no different than the Cuban missile problem years ago when the US was ready to start WW3 to stop that from happening. But this whole deal has nothing to do with Ukraine and Russia. The US is pushing for this war to cover for the complete failure at home. The jab killing many, the insurance companies stating that deaths amoung 18 - 64 non covid are up 40 %, the 30 trillion in debt that can never be paid back and that does not even cover the non funded liabilities unless they inflate it away. The Fed that can do nothing to either raise interest rates to stop inflation because it will crash the stock market and crush bonds. So they will let inflation runs a mock and screw the citizens with higher prices. You know its bad when the Ukraine goverment went public and told the US so settle down


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