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Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

It’s not impossible that Putin could use nuclear weapons, Austin says

It’s not impossible that Putin could use nuclear weapons, Austin says

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he expects President Vladimir Putin to continue to suggest he might use nuclear weapons in Russia’s war with Ukraine — and that it is possible he could actually do so.
“There are no checks on Mr. Putin,” Austin said in a CNN interview that aired Sunday morning. “Just as he made the irresponsible decision to invade Ukraine, you know, he could make another decision. But I don’t see anything right now that would lead me to believe he has made such a decision.”

In recent days, Putin raised the stakes of the war by holding votes in support of annexation in parts of Ukraine that Russia has occupied, and then annexing those four regions despite an international outcry against his actions. Russia can now claim that Ukraine is invading Russian territory if it tries to regain that land. Putin said Friday he would consider the use of “all available means” in defense of his nation.

Speaking Sunday on “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Austin said: “It’s an illegal claim. It’s an irresponsible statement ... this nuclear saber-rattling is not the kind of thing we would expect to hear from leaders of large countries with capability.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has promised a “very tough” response to Russian annexations. On Friday night he said: “We must liberate our entire land.”

Austin said Zelenskyy’s forces have fought very well and he expects them to continue to attempt to regain conquered land.

“I think the Ukrainians have amazed the world in terms of their ability to fight back, their ability to exercise initiative, their commitment to the defense of their democracy,” he told Zakaria, “and that willingness to fight has rallied the international community in an effort to help provide them the security assistance so that they can continue to fight.”

Regardless of what Putin does next, Austin said the United States will not abandon Ukraine.

“We will continue to support Ukrainians, as you heard our president say, for as long as it takes,” Austin said.

Oh ya 57 days ago
I know for a lot of you can not focus on anything longer than a tictok video. but everyone should go to RT news and listen to Putins speech in english were he calls the west..Satan.... If you disagree with him then you are part of the problem not the answer. Remember hate the message not the messenger
Oh ya 58 days ago
Russia invaded Ukraine because Ukraine did not follow the Minski agreement signed years earlier. The west did not follow their agreement not to move west. Russia is fighting the NAZIS the same as we did in WWII. Now the west is supplying arms to the NAZIS. Our families fought NAZIS years ago and now our government is supporting them, that is a slap in the face to those who gave everything to protect us. Yesterday the CIA came out and said there is a good chance that Ukraine blew up the pipeline. Now that is something, one group of NAZIS blowing up a gas line that warms another country full of NAZIS that are supplying arms to help the 1st group of NAZIS. This means the German NAZIS are dumber than the Ukraine NAZIS. Lets just prey that Putin continues and wins our relatives fight against the NAZIS


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