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Saturday, Dec 05, 2020

Is this the end of panic buying? Tesco store returns to normal

A Tesco Extra store was quiet and fully stocked this morning just a day after hundreds of people were filmed clearing the shelves.
Shoppers at the branch in Dudley, West Midlands, enjoyed smaller queues and a wide selection of available items, including fresh fruit, nappies and alcohol.

The pictures taken today were in stark contrast to images from Sunday where shoppers packed together, waiting to get into the store, in total disregard for the social distancing rule.

Sophia Brown, who is married to an NHS worker, posted footage online after visiting the store for the ‘NHS hour’ on Sunday.

She wrote: ‘In the end, I left without my shopping again. I cannot believe people are still being so selfish.

‘They are putting lives at risk.’

A shopper at the Dudley store, who did not want to be named, said they decided to stay home on Sunday after seeing pictures of packed queues on Facebook.

They added: ‘I came today expecting almost the same situation as before, and for the last few weeks, but it’s unreal, it’s as if everyone has finally come to their senses and stopped panic buying, it’s such a relief.’

Boris Johnson has told people there is plenty of stock available and not to panic buy.

The retail industry has also insisted there is enough food for everyone and ministers have said rationing is unnecessary.

Environment Secretary George Eustice added there is no shortage of food in the country, with manufacturers having increased production by 50%.

But customers have been faced with empty shelves and have struggled to get everything on their shopping lists.

Tesco has hired extra employees and increased deliveries to stores to cope with demand.

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