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Tuesday, Dec 01, 2020

Indoor Hanging Gardens

Indoor Hanging Gardens

Short on surface space? Optimize your room with these innovative garden picks.
-One time use only pr image-

Get ready to rock with these gem-inspired planters.

-Planter with a Purpose -

Think green beyond the plant. This handcrafted geometric planter is made with sustainable products.

- Too-Cute Tribal -

Add personal flair to any room with this wheel-thrown planter.

- Sophisticated Succulents -

Suspend your favorite houseplant in style with this ceramic creation.

- Make It Modern -

Turn plants into a work of art with this eye-catching arrangement.

- Tiny Terrarium -

Air plants are perfect for the busy gardener. Chic and simple, they add a touch of nature to any space, without any hassle!

- Rethink Copper Cups -

Copper cups don't stop at Moscow mules! Think large with this hanging metal planter.

- Alert: Jute Textures -

Love the jute craze? Take it a step further with this creative planter.

- In the Swing -

Simple and versatile, this precious planter complements any decor.

- Diamond Dynamics -

Liven up your gallery wall with this geometric hanging garden.

- Trendy Tiers -

Suspend in style, layer by layer, with this copper creation.

-The Tiny Trend-

Want to maximize your space? Even the smallest rooms can be brightened with a little greenery.

- Where the Wild Things Are -

Bring a piece of the jungle into your home with these exotic wall planters.

-Geometric Greens-

Go bold with these industrial-inspired designs! Perfect to stand alone or together.

- Crocheted Cutie -

Nestle your plants in this crocheted creation.


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