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Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

I was stunned to see Elvis' face in my pot of McDonald's ketchup

I was stunned to see Elvis' face in my pot of McDonald's ketchup

A MUM discovered the face of Elvis staring back at her from a pot of McDonald’s ketchup.

Lisa Ringsell, 27, saw the king of rock ’n’ roll’s trademark quiff, eyes, mouth and sideburns.

Lisa Ringsell saw the King of Rock n' Roll's trademark quiff, eyes, mouth, and sideburns

Her friends laughed about it, and saw the resemblance

She said: “I was just debating if there was enough sauce to dip my chicken nuggets again and that’s when I saw him — a tiny face staring at me who appeared to be Elvis.

“As soon as I saw him, I immediately said 'what?' and showed my partner.

“I said to him 'this looks like Elvis',

“I took the photo straight away and showed some friends. They were just laughing about it. They could see the resemblance, too.”

Lisa, a full-time mum from Dundee, had been eating with 26-year-old removals worker partner Dean Ewan, and her children Karis, six, and Daisy, four.

She added: "I don’t usually notice these things, which made it funnier.

“I always get more excited with silly things.

“Dean wasn’t as excited as me […] he still thought it was funny though.

“It’s something I won’t forget for a long time. My mum is an Elvis fan so she loved it.”

"It's made me more likely to look out for faces in future."

Lisa had been eating with her partner Dean and her children when she saw the mysterious face


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