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Monday, May 23, 2022

hungary wine vineyard

Hungary in the world's top wine tourism destinations!

Cheap but quality wines are another good reason to come to visit Hungary. Have you ever tasted Hungarian wine?

Tasting different types of wines is no longer a stay-at-home activity. That is because the quality wineries of the world combine wines with colourful programs for guests to attract as many tourists as possible.

Thanks to a list compiled by Bounce, you can learn now which countries you should choose for a wonderful wine experience. The website shared the wine lover’s index and wrote a few lines about the wine industry of the different countries.

Furthermore, they also dug up for us, which country to choose if we want the best vineyards, the best wine tours, or the best prices.

Being a wine lover? Here is where you should travel

Bounce says that the world of wine offers endless possibilities for those who like the heavenly nectar. They can choose from vineyard tours to organised tastings, from exploring innovative new blends to enjoying their favourite bottles.

Therefore Bounce made the list of the best wine destinations in the world. They considered consumption, production, exports, vineyards, wine tours, and the average cost of a bottle of wine.

Hungary having cheap and quality wines

According to Helló Magyar, Hungary is the 10th best destination for wine-lovers in the world. About the country, they say that the average consumption of 100,000 people is 18.5 million hectoliters.

Meanwhile, in the case of production, this number is 28. Thus, it is not surprising Hungary is one of the wine exporters in the world, whose products are famous even in the Far East or in the Americas. Interestingly, there are 667 wine tours per 100,000 people every year. Meanwhile, only Argentina precedes Hungary in that category. In the South American country, you can buy a bottle of wine for only 3 dollars.

According to Bounce, the best destination for wine lovers is Italy, especially the Veneto region. The silver medal went to Portugal, where you should visit Porto. Interestingly, Portugal is also the biggest consumer of wine on the list, with the country.

Spain got third place, France the fourth, and the fifth was New Zealand. In the latter, the popularity of this nectar skyrocketed in the last two decades. Interestingly, the country offers 4,062 wine tours, the third-highest on Bounce’s list, and has 40 thousand hectares dedicated to viniculture.


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