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Monday, Oct 19, 2020

How John Bercow recalled DESTROYING Boris Johnson in epic tennis match

JOHN BERCOW recently revealed on Italian TV what it was like playing tennis with David Cameron and Boris Johnson.
John Bercow stood down as Commons Speaker at the end of October after 10 years in the role. Since then the former MP for Buckingham has lined up a series of lucrative public engagements. His election night punditry on Sky News earned him £60,000 and, on Christmas day, he delivered an alternative to the Queen's Christmas speech in which he called for more "personal courtesy" in politics and society.

The 56-year-old former MP also appeared on International TV, as a guest on the late-night Italian chat show ‘Che Tempo Che Fa’.

During the interview Mr Bercow recalled his time at Westminster, talked at length about Brexit and even revealed what it is like to play tennis with former Prime Minister David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

When asked by Italian presenter Fabio Fazio if you can understand someone’s personality by playing tennis with them, the former Speaker said: “Of course.

“You always learn.

“I have never played a single against David Cameron, only doubles.

“And when we played together, we got along really well.

“I can say this about him... When he made a mistake, he was like McEnroe.

“He got angry and started shouting.

“But when I made a mistake, he was tolerant and encouraging.

“He was a good partner.”

Regarding Mr Johnson, Mr Bercow added: “What can I say about him…

“Well… he lost every game in the set we played against.

“But I must admit, he took it well when he lost.”

Mr Bercow was Britain's top-ranking junior tennis player until glandular fever ended his hopes of turning professional.

He remains a qualified tennis coach.

When he stood down as Speaker in October, Mr Johnson paid homage to him by making reference to his former tennis career.

The Prime Minister said: "I know the whole House will want to join me in recording that, after ten tumultuous years, this is your last Prime Minister's questions.

“And as befits a distinguished former Wimbledon competitor, you have sat there in your high chair not just as an umpire – ruthlessly adjudicating on the finer points of Parliamentary procedure with your trademark Tony Montana scowl, not just as a commentator offering your own opinions on the rallies you are watching – sometimes acerbic and sometimes kindly - but above all, as a player in your own right, peppering every part of the chamber with your own thoughts and opinions like some tennis ball machine, delivering a series of literally unplayable, unreturnable... volleys and smashes.”

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