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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

See Virgil Abloh's New Louis Vuitton 2054 Collection

See Virgil Abloh's New Louis Vuitton 2054 Collection

Fusing luxury fashion and activewear together, Virgil Abloh's second collection for Louis Vuitton 2054 takes functionality to new heights.

As a follow-up to the line’s debut collection last year, Virgil Abloh’s new Louis Vuitton 2054 drop for Cruise 2021 fuses functional skiwear with high fashion aesthetics and technical advances. LV2054 celebrates the life of the the French fashion house, which was established in 1854, by merging the triumphs of the brand’s past with those yet to come in the future. This year’s line continues the thematic landscape of futurism and extreme performance, echoing the premiere collection, while also amplifying it through increased detail to stress its user-friendly nature.

The innovative ready-to-wear pieces employ technical elements of professional ski garments, like water repellant fabrics and breathable textures. Easy movement and adaptability seem to be key element of the collection. Bags change size and shape for maximum efficiency, and shirts can be physically compressed to fit inside cross-body bags, something the maison has coined compressomorphosis.











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