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Sunday, Oct 25, 2020

Election results 2019: Jeremy Corbyn holds his Islington seat

The Labour leader has held onto his own seat of Islington North with a big 26,000 majority.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn offers "very heartfelt thanks" to his constituents of whom he says it is his "pride and pleasure" to represent.

He says the the pressure "on those surrounding politicians is often very, very high indeed and the media intrusion in people's lives is very high indeed".

He thanks his family and close friends and his wife "for all she puts up with because of the way the media behaves".

Turning to the election result he says: "Obviously it is a very disappointing night for the party.

"But I want to say this - in the election campaign we put forward a manifesto of hope.

"However, Brexit has so polarised debate it has overridden so much of normal political debate."

Quote of the Day

An eye for an eye will ultimately, leave the whole world blind.

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