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Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021

Duke of Woke Harry’s hypocritical Black History Month lecture shows how out of touch with Britain he really is

Duke of Woke Harry’s hypocritical Black History Month lecture shows how out of touch with Britain he really is

Having once dressed up as a Nazi and called a colleague a P**i, Prince Harry is now making videos with wife Meghan lamenting the UK’s ‘structural racism’. It’s impossible to take his clueless call for change seriously.

Ten years ago, if Prince Harry called for a night on the town, you would be calling a cab and on your way, guaranteed a raucous night at the tiki bar at Mahiki, swanky clubs in Mayfair, dancing on tables, cigarettes, booze and lots of pretty girls in tow.

A decade later, things have changed. The Duke of Sussex has become one of the biggest woke bores on the planet and if he rang your mobile on a Friday night now, you’d be diverting him to voicemail pronto and drawing the curtains in case he turned up on spec.

The wildman formerly known as Prince Harry is on an eternal round-the-world voyage of self-discovery and it’s hard work for the rest of us.

Life has become a constant reawakening for the sixth in line to the British throne if his most recent outing as a TV presenter, alongside his wife Meghan on a comfy sofa in their new homeland, is anything to go by.

The couple have chosen to mark the start of Black History Month by taking aim at the “structural racism” apparently plaguing Britain.

Excuse me?

As former Commissioner for Racial Equality Trevor Phillips noted, when the Duke spouts this waffle it‘s something he “doesn’t appear to understand” and which makes him sound “like a 1980s polytechnic lecturer.”

Meanwhile, Meghan expresses surprise that Britain would even have such a thing. She really didn’t know. Why did no one ever mention it?

Black History Month has been celebrated in the UK since 1987, and it is a bit of an eyebrow-raiser that she and her husband sit there, lecturing us about supposed “structural racism” ignorant to the fact that every year, the government and indeed, members of the Royal Family of which they are now peripheral members, celebrate that national diversity and have done for three decades.

So while the Duchess has no doubt learnt something this week, the Duke of Sussex also speaks of his awakening to racial issues in Britain of which he was previously unaware.

“I wasn’t aware of so many of the issues and so many of the problems within the UK and also globally as well. I thought I did but I didn’t,” he says, mangling his grandmother’s English.

Luckily, his wife and all his new pals are at hand to point out these “issues” and “problems” that made life so intolerable for the couple and their young son that they simply had to leave the beastly UK altogether, and find a place to live untroubled by race or class divisions. Inexplicably, they chose the USA.

The great majority of people can only dream of being so wealthy and so connected that they can simply abandon their friends and family here for a new life of untold riches in a far-off land, where no one ever disagrees with you and every absurd utterance you make is hailed with all the wonder of a unicorn’s peppermint-perfumed glitter fart. Amazing! Astounding! Such insight!

They are so far out of touch, it’s satire.

Prince Harry, the same guy photographed as a 20-year-old wearing a Nazi uniform at a fancy dress birthday party, the same popular lad clumsily joking that a fellow a soldier pal was “our litle P*** friend.”

He was called out, in no uncertain terms, after both these indiscretions were blasted all over the tabloids, but strangely seems to have forgotten those aspects of his past. Talking about them might make for a chilly atmosphere with his actress wife while cuddling up on the sofa to watch the box set of ‘Suits’ in their new home.

It has to be hard for Harry to forget the abject apologies he made after the furores at the time.

I am very sorry if I caused any offence or embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of costume and I apologise,” was the statement following the Nazi wardrobe mishap.

Then after the racial slur, the statement from Clarence House – his father’s household – was “Prince Harry fully understands how offensive this term can be, and is extremely sorry for any offence his words might cause.”

So for the Duke and Duchess to now claim that they have just realised the UK is some sort of ground zero for racial intolerance, and they had no idea before, is a little bit rich.

It is unimaginable that Harry has forgotten being hauled over the coals for those indiscretions, enduring life-changing humiliation he would never have had to suffer if “structural racism” was woven into British culture as he now claims, and we all laughed off discrimination.

Using Harry and Meghan to launch Black History Month was no doubt seen as a coup by the newspaper that produced this video but the sentiments expressed, far from being a celebration of diversity in the UK, make it a tedious, woke lecture from an entitled couple seemingly intent on dispelling any lasting affection the British public may feel for them.

You were once idolised here, you were the future and you could have made a real difference. Those days are gone and these self-righteous lectures from abroad are ensuring they never return.


Shavon Legend 146 days ago
Truly ignorant article.
Koo 149 days ago
Is the author telling the world that Britain is a haven for racial tolerance? You kidding me? Grow up, Ancient Britain from your deep hypocritical slumber. If you can’t face the basic truth about your historic imperialistic arrogance & deeply entrenched structural racism in your myopic society then so be it. No wonder you chose to exit from civilization (brexit)!
DAVID ANDERSON 149 days ago
What would he know of ordinary people of all colours. he has lived in a little protective bubble all his life


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