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Friday, May 27, 2022

Don’t blame UK for BVI’s failings in public service - Governor

Don’t blame UK for BVI’s failings in public service - Governor

Laying blame at the foot of the governor or the United Kingdom for inadequate policy development and funding for the BVI’s public service is not an accurate reflection of those truly responsible.
Governor John Rankin expressed this view when he appeared before the Commission of Inquiry (COI) recently.

He insisted that the elected government is responsible for issues surrounding records management and for underfunding the training for public service workers.

He further said his criticism was not directed to any specific administration.

Rankin told the COI the UK has sought to play its part and the evidence of this can be seen in the £2.14 million Britain doled out to the BVI since 2018. But this figure, the governor said, is in stark contrast to the training investment made by the elected government in parts of the public service.

He further indicated that training in specific subject areas could actually help to support policy development.

Governor Rankin said he agreed there’s more that needs to be done in the area of policy development and noted that this is what was being put forward in an existing policy paper for the public service transformation.

The document is currently being moved forward in agreement with Premier Andrew Fahie.

Governor Rankin said broad areas such as good governance, e-government digitalisation of the public service, better customer service being delivered to the people of the BVI and better human resources management are among those being proposed for attention.

He said the issue of policy planning capability is also listed to be addressed within the broader areas.

“One of the reasons we need this initiative now is, in my view, because of chronic underfunding of training within the public service,” the governor argued.

“What I don’t accept is, with respect to the submissions which have been put forward by the Attorney General, that the lack of what is viewed as ‘policy development skills’ is an explanation for a number of failures in governance,” the governor said.

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