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Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021

Deutsche Bank - the German money laundering arm for the past 50 years

The money laundering bank of Germany, backed by the German government, who is leading the EU task force against money laundering.

The EU is attacking small tax heavens all over the world while Germany is one of the row biggest money laundering countries in the world (U.S. is the biggest one) and European countries are the biggest tax heaven in the world.

DB is not a single-entity with 50 years of very systematic criminal culture. It’s a corporate AND government corruption culture.  The way to fix it is not to blame China or Russia or attacking small and much cleaner islands that just trying to make a proper living, but to fix the corruption culture in German business and politics first (or to admit that this is how the system should work and to stop bullying others for doing much less wrong)


Oh ya 158 days ago
The central banks of the world have run this ponzi scheme of fake money printing backed by a bankrupt governments for so long they can not punish any bank like this as if they do the whole system of fake money and debt implode. Its like the criminals playing cops in a B rated movie


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Erica Jong
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