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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Boris Johnson 'begged lover for intimate photos during four-year affair'

Boris Johnson 'begged lover for intimate photos during four-year affair'

US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri has claimed she had an ‘intimate’ four-year affair with Boris Johnson and admitted she fell in love with him.

The 35-year-old said the now prime minister, 56, ‘couldn’t keep his hands off’ her and the pair met up once a week at the height of their alleged relationship, which she claims lasted between 2012 to 2016.

Ms Arcuri claimed they began seeing each other while Mr Johnson was serving his second term in office as Mayor of London, when he was married to now ex-wife and lawyer Marina Wheeler, with whom he shares two sons and two daughters.

She said they had a mutual ‘physical and intellectual attraction’ and shared a love of Shakespeare, while she code-named him ‘Alexander the Great’.

The tech entrepreneur revealed the PM would request racy pictures of her and she would reply with ‘arty’, professional topless shots, with him allegedly saying one was ‘enough to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window’.

But her feelings have since changed towards Mr Johnson, slamming him as a ‘cowardly wet noodle’ for not standing by her when their relationship came under scrutiny in 2019 over allegations he gave her ‘preferential treatment’ as mayor.

Ms Arcuri told the Sunday Mirror: ‘We were in an intimate relationship for four years. I loved him, and with good cause. But the man I thought I knew doesn’t exist any more.’

Ms Arcuri called the PM a ‘cowardly, wet noodle’ for not standing by her when accusations swirled around their relationship

The PM being driven from Buckingham Palace this morning after his alleged former lover’s bombshell claims were published

She first met Mr Johnson when he spoke at an event in 2011 while she was a business student, before volunteering to campaign for his mayor re-election bid the following year.

There was an ‘obvious spark’ between the pair, said Ms Arcuri, and they exchanged numbers before he wined and dined her at restaurants and bars in the capital.

On their first alleged date, she claimed he showed up ‘late, dishevelled and chaotic’ before asking to borrow £3.10 off the student for a beer.

At the end of the night he batted off her concerns about kissing publicly in the street, allegedly saying: ‘This is my city, I don’t care’.

‘He was very much wanting to take me home that evening. I refused to give in. He got very frustrated and biked off in a huff,’ claimed Ms Arcuri.

The US businesswoman claims at the height of their relationship they met once a week

The pair met when Ms Arcuri was a business student and he allegedly asked her out for a drink

She alleged the pair first had sex in her flat on Shoreditch High Street, east London, just hours before the opening of the 2012 London Paralympics.

Ms Arcuri said he hadn’t wanted to leave and had to ‘push’ him out the door in his ‘mayoral bric a brac, the lanyard with the big badge, and the lapel pins.’

Just hours later he appeared on TV sat between his then-wife Marina and Princess Anne, close to Prince William and Kate Middleton.

She claimed their alleged affair ended in 2016 as she didn’t want to be a ‘back-up plan’ or the ‘last 747,000th on his list to deal with’.

Later that year she went on to meet now-husband Matthew Hickey and fell pregnant.

Questions were raised over their relationship in 2019 over accusations Mr Johnson had given Ms Arcuri preferential treatment for her business ventures while he was mayor, prompting investigations by City Hall and the police watchdog.

Ms Arcuri said she ‘adored’ the PM and fell in love during the affair

She said the PM ‘couldn’t keep his hands off’ her and asked her for racy pictures

The PM avoided a criminal investigation after the Independent Office for Police Conduct found no evidence he influenced the £126,000 of public grants awarded to Ms Arcuri or secured her place on foreign trade trips he led.

However, the watchdog said Mr Johnson may have breached the ‘Nolan principles’ – standards for behaviour in public office – through his relationship with Ms Arcuri as it could have been ‘intimate’.

Ms Arcuri insists she was invited on the trips as a member of the London tech scene.

Speaking of the PM’s failure to stand up for her during the ordeal, Ms Arcuri called him ‘cowardly’ and a ‘child’, saying it was ‘about time we recognised’ that ‘this is who he is’.

She added: ‘A great leader is charismatic, courageous and brave. None of these words I would use to describe Boris Johnson.’

Downing Street declined to comment.


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