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Friday, Aug 19, 2022

Billionaire supermarket owner torches Biden for 'really dumb' decision

Gristedes and D'Agostino Foods Chairman and CEO John Catsimatidis discusses the impact of record-high oil prices on the overall economy.

Marlene Alison Jones 156 days ago
Marlene Alison Jones 156 days ago
I would rather pay more for my petrol and be in a recession than be in Ukraine being terrorised by a maniac like Putin which I hope will help to get rid of him and everyone like him to make the world a safer place for everyone and future generations. a small price to pay don't you think.
Marlene Alison Jones 156 days ago
US citizens complaining about what they pay for a gallon of petrol for what we are paying for a Litre in UK ????? unbelievable !!!!! they don't know when they are well off and are always complaining instead OF doing something about it. US gov gets 50c for every gallon Uk Gov gets 59p every litre !!!!!!!!! who is getting ripped off here?


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