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Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

BBC’s Alex Scott hits back at Lord criticising her Olympics coverage

BBC’s Alex Scott hits back at Lord criticising her Olympics coverage

Alex Scott clapped back at a Lord who criticised her BBC Olympics coverage.

Lord Digby Jones slammed the BBC presenter in a tweet claiming she “spoiled” the BBC Olympics coverage because she didn’t pronounce her “g”s at the end of a word.

Speaking out, the TV broadcaster, 36, declared she was proud of her accent and her working class London roots in a response on Twitter on Friday.

The proud London born star wrote wrote: “I’m from a working class family in East London, Poplar, Tower Hamlets & I am PROUD. Proud of the young girl who overcame obstacles, and proud of my accent! It’s me, it’s my journey, my grit.”

She added: “A quick one to any young kids who may not have a certain kind of privilege in life. Never allow judgments on your class, accent, or appearance hold you back. Use your history to write your story. Keep striving, keep shining & don’t change for anyone.

“Tweets like this just give me the energy to keep going See you tomorrow.. live on BBC baby.”

With no qualms of calling the Lord out, she reposted the original tweet on Twitter.

Lord Digby Jones criticised the TV star on social media in a slew of tweets.

He wrote: “Enough! I can’t stand it anymore! Alex Scott spoils a good presentational job on the BBC Olympics Team with her very noticeable inability to pronounce her ‘g’s at the end of a word. Competitors are NOT taking part, Alex, in the fencin, rowin, boxin, kayakin, weightliftin & swimmin.”

He added: “She’s hot on the heels of Beth Rigby at Sky the Home Secretary for God’s sake! Can’t someone give these people elocution lessons? I fear that it may be aped by youngsters along the lines of the use of the moronic interrogative originally caused by “Neighbours”; on behalf of the English Language…..Help!”

Fans gave their unwavering support to the BBC presenter praising her presenting skills.

Major of London Sadiq Khan also shared his support on social media.

He wrote: “From a proud sarf Londoner to a proud East Londoner: well said @AlexScott Our diversity is our strength.”

Among the sea of comments, one wrote: “You’re amazin! Really doing a superb job. Ignore the trolls.”

Others added: “Never apologise for being from London. Never apologise for sounding like most Gooners. You’re right to be proud, you were a great footballer and now you’re a great presenter. Keep being you x.”


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