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Monday, Mar 08, 2021

Anti-mask protest leader is suspended nurse who compared lockdown to Holocaust

A coronavirus conspiracy theorist who has shot to prominence after comparing lockdown restrictions to the Holocaust was suspended as a nurse in July, it has emerged.
Kate Shemirani does not believe Covid-19 is real and thinks vaccines are poisonous and contain military-style technology that allows governments to trace people’s thoughts – and even download information ‘into’ people’s brains.

The mother-of-four has also called the NHS ‘the new Auschwitz’ and tweeted that the public will wake up on a ‘cattle truck’ or ‘in the showers’. On Saturday she addressed huge crowds of anti-lockdown protestors at a podium in Trafalgar Square and said: ‘We are the resistance.’

Ms Shemirani first came to prominence when she discussed the theory in March on her local radio station in East Sussex.

Ms Shemirani, who has been a registered nurse for 35 years, claims the current crisis is a ‘scamdemic’ and that Wuhan, the first city to see a major Covid-19 outbreak, was a ‘test city for 5G’. Experts have repeatedly rubbished 5G conspiracy theories linking the technology to the virus.

The 54-year-old has also claimed to have seen patients being taken to hospital and being allowed to die.

She wrote: ‘Murder. Genocide. The NHS is the new Auschwitz.’

Dubbed ‘the most dangerous woman in Britain’, she has been suspended for 18 months and is being investigated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council for her promotion of 5G conspiracy theories.

But she said she is not worried about the council’s investigation because they have a ‘terrorist agenda to commit genocide’, she told the Daily Mail.

She has also claimed that those who do not agree with or believe her are simply envious of her.

‘The fact that I was always graced with decent looks and I’m always very slim has generated jealousy throughout my career,’ she said.

When the Mail questioned about her theory of governments using vaccines to track the public she said: ‘They will be able to look at every aspect of what is going on in our brains.

‘Not only can they pick it up, they can download into us.’

Ms Shemirani is not new to conspiracy theories, having previously shared images of the twin towers with the caption: ‘NEVER FORGET…that no plane hit this building’.

The Jewish Chronicle also reported that she believes in the antisemetic Committee of 300 conspiracy theory that claims there is an intellectual council that controls politics, media, banking and the military in Europe.

The theory was founded by German politician Walther Rathenau in 1909 and although he said he did not mean that the 300 men were all Jewish the idea that they were quickly took hold.

In the same speech that she referenced the council she also launched an attack on the ‘globalist’ philanthropist George Soros.

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