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Tuesday, Dec 01, 2020

Aldi manager asked cafe to cook for customer, 87, he saw buying only tinned food

A supermarket worker has been praised after arranging for hot meals to be delivered to an elderly customer he saw regularly buying herself tinned food.
Aldi manager Richard Allen spotted the woman, 87, shopping for cans at his store in Camborne, Cornwall, during lockdown and asked if she needed help getting fresh food.

The customer told him she had no oven or microwave to cook proper meals and no family living locally who could help her out.

Richard immediately arranged for hot meals to be sent to the pensioner by local business Miss Molly’s cafe, which is feeding 80 vulnerable people for £5 a time.

Leander Connaughton, who works at Miss Molly’s, posted about the kind gesture online, saying the supermarket manager went ‘above and beyond’.

She said: ‘Aldi in Camborne have the most amazing staff, they noticed a very elderly customer was only buying tinned food from the beginning of lockdown.

‘The manager asked if she’d like some fresh stuff but she said no as she has no oven or microwave.

‘He then found out she doesn’t have any family at all locally, So bless him, he rang our cafe and arranged to have hot meals delivered to her.

‘He has also fixed her doorbell and offered to settle her bill if necessary (it’s not) so this is a shout out to Richard, manager at Aldi Camborne who noticed a customer in need two weeks ago and stepped up to help out. You sir, are bloody amazing.’

It is understood the woman has since had a microwave donated to her and is due to have an oven delivered as well. Miss Molly’s Tea Room will continue to provide free meals each day to the pensioner, Leander said.

Hundreds of people have shared Richard’s kind gesture on social media, including Fiona Matthews, who wrote: ‘Lovely to hear about people who really care in this unusual time. Top man, Richard.’

Reba Chipman-Guest said it ‘brought a tear to my eye’ and Amanda Williams added: ‘You really find out people’s true personality in a time like this.

‘There really are some lovely people out there with a good heart. Bless him.’

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