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Friday, Sep 30, 2022

A Scandinavian-Style Community Thrives in the Rocky Mountains

A Scandinavian-Style Community Thrives in the Rocky Mountains

Designed by architect Anna Lindstrand for the grounds of a former farmstead, Lykke is an agri-community with a strong connection to nature.

Stepping into one of the light and airy dwellings that make up the new Lykke housing community, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in the heart of Sweden. After all, the close yet thoughtfully arranged homes feature many hallmarks of contemporary Scandinavian design, including ample light, natural materials, and unfussy yet high-quality details. But in reality, you’re in beautiful Bozeman, Montana, enjoying the perfect balance of elevated design and down-to-earth function.

Lykke is a unique project for CP Supply-it’s the first to integrate products from almost all of the brands the company represents.

Lykke is the latest in a collection of properties outfitted by eco-minded, design-forward distributor CP Supply, whose portfolio of brands spans windows and window treatments, stone, tile, flooring, siding, and plumbing fixtures. From the smooth Siparila wood siding to the warm Haro wood flooring, all the materials for Lykke were pulled together from this single source. "We wanted to showcase the cohesive design made possible by the range of products we represent," explains Greg Allen, President of CP Supply.

The tile and stone countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom are made of Norwegian larvikite sourced through Lundhs Real Stone.

Designed by architect Anna Lindstrand to preserve the mature trees on the site of an old farmstead, Lykke embraces nature inside and out. The team took its time siting the project to ensure units were well spaced in relation to one another; each features direct views to the old farmhouse, which still pops red against the city skyline and sprawling fields. "We wanted to keep the original home and the trees, and focus on the importance of natural materials and energy efficiency," says Allen.

For the exterior, vertical wood siding and minimal roof overhangs "gave us the Scandinavian feel that we were looking for," says Lindstrand. Large tilt-and-turn windows amplify the European feel.

Residents wake up to gorgeous views of the landscape and greenery.

Inside, each home has a simple, clean low. The kitchen offers a warm welcome, positioned right at the front of the house. In the bathrooms, Lundhs Real Stone countertops and Helvex plumbing fixtures add another layer of simple elegance. Towards the back, the living room beckons, connected directly to a spacious deck outside. "All living rooms are located to the rear of the houses, with large sliding doors that provide unobstructed views to the outdoors," Lindstrand says.

The patio isn’t the only detail that blurs the line between inside and outside. Throughout the home, large windows let in plenty of natural light. In the tranquil, ground-floor primary bedroom, for instance, homeowners wake up gazing at the lush lawns and trees thanks to sightlines that are cleverly orchestrated by the project’s massing.

Innotech doors slide out of sight; beautiful Haro wood flooring throughout the homes brings warmth to the material palette.

The sustainability-focused homes feature Innotech windows, built from 100-percent recyclable materials, while the Siparila natural wood siding is all sustainably harvested to PERC standards. Additionally, both the engineered-wood flooring and low-pile carpet used throughout are healthy, CPI-certified selections. "Building materials and practices need to move forward," says Allen. "Sometimes that requires reimagining traditional products, and sometimes that means creating entirely new products that make the built environment better."

High ceilings and abundant windows make the living spaces at Lykke feel open and spacious despite the project's modest footprint.

"Low-quality products are not sustainable and affect the environment," Allen says of what informs the company’s vision. "They increase the cost of ownership through short product lifespan, potential off-gassing of toxins, and low energy efficiency—all of which contribute to climate change. We need to build better."

Fixtures from Helvex plumbing are incorporated into both the kitchen and bath design.

Vertical siding in a bright, contrasting finish makes the entry interesting and sets off the front door's horizontal detailing.

We call the project a success on CP Supply’s part. The homes are warm, communally focused, and full of light. As Allen puts it, "It’s a well thought-out Scandinavian design, but it also goes well with the Montana lifestyle."


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