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Thursday, Oct 28, 2021

The Emperor's New Clothes 2019-2021: The Corona Virus Crisis Shows the Democracy in its Nakedness

A satiric, yet comprehensive, video summary of the political crisis in the UK, is basically a summary of the crisis in the rest of the world. Democracy fails to appoint officials who are able to carry out their duties. The state is run by people who are unable to run anything but themselves: micro-minded corrupt politicians whose public interest is the last thing that interests them.
Jonathan Pie is confused about his feelings for Dominic Cummings.

But the public is not confused anymore.

The COVID-19 crisis provided the public with the golden evidence for what everyone already knew beforehand: the current political system is not a real democracy and it’s incapable of providing anything of what it promises.

Politicians are a useless people, who have no idea how to manage the affairs of a country, a city, a village or even just a tiny football team. The so called democratically elected government is not of the people, nor by the people and obviously not for the people.

It’s an illusion. A scam, in which people who can do nothing but talk. Useless people who are unable to support themselves earn a luxury lifestyle out of tax money robbed from the pockets of millions of decent people who work hard to earn their livelihood.

Citizens who pay a hefty portion of tax from their hard work, sponsor and finance people who work against the interest of the people, the country, and the world.

And it's not going to remain named Covid-19: it will become known as Covid-19-to-26. Because it's going to be around for a while. But can the same be said for Boris and Dominic?

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