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Friday, Aug 19, 2022

A New Coffee Company Is Taking On Starbucks in London

A New Coffee Company Is Taking On Starbucks in London

If, unlike Starbucks, they will sell good coffee and not just provide a pleasant atmosphere with poor-flavoured coffee, they have a good chance of taking over from Starbucks. If the price of coffee in Blank Street Coffee can actually be like the price of 'a coffee' and not like the price of caviar (for a change), then there is no chance that they will fail to take over from Starbucks.

Blank Street Coffee plans to open two dozen U.K. shops by the end of the year.

Blank Street Coffee, the fast-growing Brooklyn, N.Y.-based chain, is bringing its inexpensive espresso to the U.K.’s capital in June. The first location is set for Fitzrovia, near University College London.

The company plans to open additional locations in the area in quick succession, while expanding into the fashionable residential Marylebone neighborhood.

So, finally (and soon) we will see cafes that not only look and feel cool, but that also serve coffee with real taste, smell and a genuine quality of a coffee, for a change.


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