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Saturday, Apr 10, 2021

Wyden (Dem), 2018: Paper Ballots are Essential to Secure The Vulnerable & Weak American Electronic Election System

Democrats Senator Ron Wyden warn in 2018 against the insecure and venerable voting machines: Paper Ballots and Audits are Essential to Secure American Elections Against Foreign Hackers. Elizabeth warren also Published on 2019 report against Dominion voting machines.

Time Magazine: “Elizabeth Warren Wants to Replace Every Single Voting Machine to Make Elections 'As Secure As Fort Knox'” (JUNE 25, 2019 ).

“Our elections should be as secure as Fort Knox. But instead, they’re less secure than your Amazon account,” Warren wrote in a Medium post published Tuesday morning. “State and local officials take their jobs seriously, but they often don’t have the resources to secure their elections.”

Warren also vows to make voting more accessible.

CNN too:


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