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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Luxury E-commerce Startup ShopWorn Enters Asia with Hong Kong Satellite

The fast-growing ecommerce destination for well-priced, guaranteed authentic luxury brands opens a Hong Kong satellite to service the Asia Pacific region.

The growth of luxury ecommerce site ShopWorn in a changing retail environment has paved way for the five-year-old start up to enter the Asia Pacific region with a new Hong Kong satellite location directly servicing APAC countries, with an initial focus on the Greater China area.

The new ShopWorn website features guaranteed authentic shop worn designer luxury brands, curated specifically for the region and at the same low prices that have endeared U.S. customers to the platform.

Chinese users can now shop in their own language and receive local customer service. The new site also offers popular payment methods as UnionPay, Alipay and Wechat Pay, and competitively priced direct shipping to major Asian cities by SF Express.

Additionally, ShopWorn has opened a flagship store on TMall Global, Alibaba's dedicated platform for 800 million of China's high-end consumers, in advance of 11.11 or China's Singles Day. Through ShopWorn's TMall flagship, Asian customers will be able to treat themselves to their favorite luxury brands at considerable savings than ever before.

"Over the past year, we've seen increasing traffic from Asian consumers ready to buy our 'shop worn' luxury designer products," said Larry Birnbaum, ShopWorn CEO. "As the Asia market continues to lead the way for the luxury goods industry -- with online retail sales in China alone surpassing $1.5 trillion -- it only made sense for us to have a presence in Hong Kong.

With our launch coinciding with China's Singles Day, we're excited about what the future holds for ShopWorn Asia and how we can deliver to China's discerning luxury shoppers the same customer experience our U.S. customers have come to appreciate."

Birnbaum developed ShopWorn in 2015 for consumers growing weary of buying online pre-owned luxury items without unimpeachable knowledge of the product's origins or authenticity. It has since become the premiere destination for customers who want to be the first to own authentic, unused luxury watches, jewelry, writing instruments, leather goods and other accessories without paying premium prices.

Because ShopWorn sources all products directly from brands or authorized retailers, every product is guaranteed to be 100% authentic, even at prices 50 to 80 percent off the original retail.

The platform's prices reflect the shop worn nature of its products -- an industry term long used to describe merchandise with past lives in store displays, gently handled by staff but never consumer owned.

This subtle distinction prevents ShopWorn merchandise from being labeled new, yet because the items have never been consumer-owned, they are also not considered pre-owned. The direct relationship between ShopWorn, brands and authorized dealers alleviates all questions of origin and eliminates need for "authenticators."

This business model has proven effective as growing consumer demand for guaranteed authentic luxury products at accessible prices, combined with commitments from luxury brands to find sustainable avenues for unsold inventory, has increased ShopWorn's demand. With Chinese consumers spending $115 billion on luxury items in 2019, opening a ShopWorn Asia satellite was a natural next step.

While the ShopWorn Asia satellite is the first international expansion, the company has plans to open additional locations in Europe and other markets within the next five years. Also being planned are flagships stores on other major Asian virtual marketplaces, including Shopee, Lazada, and Global JD.

For more information on ShopWorn or to request an interview with ShopWorn CEO Larry Birnbaum please contact The Lilian Raji Agency at (646) 789-4427 ext 701, or visit the online press room at


ShopWorn is an ecommerce shopping destination for customers who want to be the first to own authentic, unused luxury products but don't want to pay luxury prices. Launched in 2015, ShopWorn was created to help brands and retailers sustainably alleviate the challenge of unsold inventory.

With ShopWorn's unique sourcing strategy of obtaining products directly from authorized retailers and luxury brands, every item sold on ShopWorn is guaranteed to be 100% authentic and never previously owned, even at savings of 50 to 80 percent off the original MSRP. The direct relationship between ShopWorn, brands and authorized dealers alleviates any question of authenticity.

And because customers should be able to trust what they see and buy online is what they receive, all ShopWorn product images are from an in-house photographer. Stock images are never used. Items featured on the ShopWorn site are always in stock and ready to ship within two business days.

It's not new. It's not pre-owned. It's ShopWorn. Be the first.


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