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Sunday, Oct 25, 2020

London's most wanted criminals in time for Christmas

'People shouldn’t just view it as "helping the police", you are directly helping your communities and the wider London community.'

The faces of 19 suspects will be plastered on the side of Metropolitan Police vans in a bid to bring them to justice.

Details of their targets are being released as part of a crackdown on ‘violent and priority crime in the capital’.

Scotland Yard is trying to hammer home the message that sharing information with them should be seen as ‘helping your communities’, rather than just assisting police.

Those among the list of 19 are wanted for a wide scope of offences including kidnapping, robbery, GBH, possession of offensive weapons and drug offences.

Head of the Met’s Violent Crime Taskforce Detective Chief Superintendent Lee Hill said: ‘We are asking the public to be additional eyes and ears to help us locate people we need to speak to in connection with a number of serious offences.

‘We often get asked by the public how they can keep their communities safe, and providing information such as this is enormously helpful both in preventing and detecting crime.

People shouldn’t just view it as “helping the police”, you are directly helping your communities and the wider London community.’

Some of the suspects are being tracked down over their involvement in a particular crime, but others might have breached their bail or probation conditions or not turned up to court.

Detective Chief Superintendent Hill, added: ‘I know some people are reticent to pass on information such as this.

‘We know people worry that they somehow might be identified.

‘However, I want to assure you that passing on information through Crimestoppers who are entirely independent of the police, is completely anonymous.’

The force is asking members of the public to come forward if they know any of the suspects, what vehicles they drive, spots they regularly visit, and where they live.

A statement from the Met added: ‘If you don’t know them, are they perhaps thought to be in your area? Would you recognise them if you saw them on the street? If you do know where they are or you’ve seen them, please get in touch.

The Met gave reassurances that information received by them is dealt with confidentially.

Detective Chief Superintendent Hill, added: ‘Violence, drugs and other priority crimes, such as robbery, are of great concern to the communities of London, so we are committed to tackling them robustly and pursuing those we suspect to be involved in causing harm and attempting to evade justice. Help us to keep London safe.

‘One phone call could help potentially solve or even prevent a crime from happening.’


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